JBH Featured on ‘Woman to Woman: How Female CEOs found success’

WBTV JBH Feb182016

WBTV in Charlotte, NC, featured Janice Bryant Howroyd and Susan DeVore, two women from the Carolinas who are part of a small minority that is women COEs. WBTV’s Christine Sperow sat down with these women to ask, “How did they do it?” “Where did their rise to the top start?”

If advancing means being at your best, Howroyd says, “Only when you’re taking great care of yourself, and I mean spiritually and physically, can you bring a 100% performance to your day.” Advice that, ironically, crosses gender lines.

When asked, “How do you balance holding the top job with family life?” Janice replied, “I think the answer for me: I don’t expect balance to be 50/50. Sometimes it’s 80/20. Sometimes it’s 100/0.”


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